You have unused medical office space in a high rent district - we can help

Monetize Medical Office Space That You Are Paying For and Not Using

Whether you are a Medical Real Estate Investor who owns medical office buildings or you are a health system that has a master lease with one of them - Healtor is the perfect technology platform for your leasing journey.

List and manage your properties easily. We help find the right physician tenants.

We help you find the right health care tenant on your terms.
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Medical Offices are the center of the healthcare ecosystem and the front door of most health care journeys. Learn how we can help you realize the full potential of your existing medical office space.
  • Healtor aligns all stakeholders currently managing your property needs such as: healthcare real estate brokers, facility executives, and property managers.
  • No upfront costs, 100% of our success depends on fulfilling your medical office needs
  • Our triple aim. We help match up the right provider, with the right space, at the right times, at the right price (FMV).
  • Our proprietary compliance engine helps all stakeholders adhere to Stark and Anti-kickback laws.
Healtor is the medical office timeshare marketplace.

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